Below are some beautiful examples of what can be done with different variations on a standard star tattoo.
With some stars shaded and others remaining in their outline form, this tattoo flows beautifully down the woman’s back. This red star with a hollow center puts a unique spin on the typical star tattoo, and placing it next to a meaningful word sets this ink apart.
This yellow star tattoo from Mario, complete with music notes, is a fun tribute to a much-loved video game.

This star tattoo, also inspired by Mario, is surrounded by smaller, vibrant stars that give it a sense of life. This woman chose to place several bold, black stars on her side; while they will be undetectable in most clothing, beach-goers will appreciate the beautiful precision of the sharp lines.
This woman can easily conceal her dark star tattoo by wearing her hair down, but by putting her hair in a ponytail she can display her ink with pride. TweetWhether you’re a cat lover or a lover of awesome tattoos, the cat tattoo is worth investigating.

Because stars can be as large, small, simple, or intricate as you desire, there are countless options for design and placement of star tattoos on your body.

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