While this basically falls under the "Normal New Stuff" entry, your Sims can now get tattoos!
Using a new tiny window just above your Sim's wish panels, you can sort all the lot tags when you're in Edit Town mode. When you create a family (or even a single Sim) from scratch, his age is now randomly determined on creation. The world of The Sims has been stepped up since then: now, you buy any commercial lot, in your city or overseas! Speaking of owning community lots, prior to the expansion, once the profits were ready to be collected, that was it: the building would essentially not make any more. If that's not enough, since the last expansion was released, EA has created the Texture Pattern Tool that you can download. Note that it's beyond the scope of the guide, but it's pretty simple to use, and will literally infinitely extend the textures you have at your disposal. Not just the whole roof, but you can individually select parts of your roof to alter the pitches, and make sweeping, irregular roofs.
That, really, is the real point of laundry: low-effort buffs to help improve your Sims' moods day to day.

This will further customize your Sims, making them much more unique and fun to look at on the beach. However, there is a website out there that gives you the tutorial and the tool to create and add them. Heck, just having a couple Sims get promoted simultaneously while another Sim gets a skill gain overloads the left half of the screen, and the messages disappear too quick to read.
For 40,000 Lifetime Achievement Points, you can purchase a robot that will arrive to your home, move in with your Sim, and immediately be set on the "Best Friend" relationship with the owner. So, if you've been playing Sims lately, some our "changes" may have been implemented in patches, and thus you are familiar with them already.
Once you do, Sims will occasionally leave piles of dirty clothes around the house, especially if they have the Slob trait, when they change clothes. Here, you can select what tattoo design to place, and you can layer up to five images together to form a single, cohesive design and save it. When creating a Sim family from scratch, you can now specify whether two Sims are in a relationship, married, or merely housemates.
For example, you may find that one Sim is two or three days older than his wife even though they were both "Young Adult" when you created them.

However, it's a better alternative than skipping work entirely and losing some job progress. Buy a lot, get a bunch of money as it sells stuff, and again there is little additional work on your part.
If it takes you a month to free up your schedule, then you'll get four doses of cash in one collection.
If you call in, you might lose the paycheck, but at least your work up to that point won't be wasted. It will either give you instructions on what to do next, or even give you a button to click to order your Sim to get to the target without any more fuss.
If you really want to go nuts with this, you'll want to place a hamper in each room where Sims typically change clothes: that means one in the bedroom, one in the bathroom, and possibly one wherever you have your exercise equipment.

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