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The adorable Hello Kitty face looks even cuter in this bow tattoo with the bright red bow on her forehead. A pink bow at the side of Hello Kitty’s forehead matches her lovely tiered pink dress in this bow tattoo. A modern outfit and boots makes Hello Kitty look very hip hop and stylish in this bow tattoo.
The pink bow is such a striking motif of Hello Kitty that just that design tattooed looks fantastic.
In this bow tattoo, Hello Kitty with her chubby cheeks, whiskers and pink bow is the epitome of cuteness. Hello Kitty has a stylish pink bow so even if you have a tattoo of just the bow it looks great.
Bright pink flowers, a Japanese fan and Hello Kitty with her bow are a superb combo as a tattoo.
Just a bright pink bow tattooed on the arm is a great indication that the wearer is a Hello Kitty fan.

Vampire-bite marks and Hello Kitty with her pink bow is an oddly attractive combo for a tattoo. Hello Kitty, with her adorable face and pink bow is a pleasure to see even as a simple tattoo.
Hello Kitty’s bow is blue with a skull like pin attached to it making this an unusual tattoo. Hello Kitty tattooed with her pink bow looking like little mermaid is one of the cutest forms of this motif. Multi colored stars give this Hello Kitty bow tattoo a festive look that reminds you of Christmas. The subdued grey color of this Hello Kitty’s bow tattoo still can’t hide her adorable quality. This is a very pleasing tattoo of a dancing Hello Kitty with her pink dungarees and pink bow. This tattoo shows Hello Kitty enjoying outdoors with her summer outfit, red bow and roller skates. This is a lovely tattoo of Hello Kitty with a red bow riding on a rainbow surrounded by colorful stars.

Those who wear outfits, accessories and tattoos with that motif are obviously Hello Kitty fans.
From greeting cards and decoration to outfits and tattoos, Hello Kitty and her large bow are very popular forms of art.
These tattoos, with just the bow or with Kitty’s adorable face, are a superlative collection. Hello Kitty with her cherubic cheeks, eyes like little dots and miniature whiskers is a very lovable character. Hello Kitty’s chubby cheeks, dot-like eyes, tiny whiskers and big red bow is a design that everyone loves irrespective of age.

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