Although forearm was typically not the first place a person would get a tattoo design in the past.
At the same time if you want to show off your tattoo then it would not look like that you want to expose your tattoo. We are telling you this now because some people get confused while talking about tattoos on forearm.
Let's see on this guy having a nautical star tattoo on his left forearm and a tribal design on his right arm. You can realize now that forearm tattoo is that they are a great way to accentuate muscle tone. As you may know forearm is an amazing area for placing Ambigram tattoo designs and words or sayings. Do all work carefully be remember your tattoo will reflect your personality and it will be with you forever.
There are hundreds of good tattoo quotes which can be seen on different part of the bodies of the people. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Word Tattoos For Girls, Words For Tattoos, Ambigram Tattoos and Chinese Writing Tattoos. The girl got this quote tattoo on her rib to express her solidarity for her brother who is a cancer survivor.

Leg tattoo that motivates one to enjoy the journey and not bother about the achievement of goal. Tennessee Williams quote carved on the lower back in neat and clear font makes for a lucid tattoo piece. The girl loves this line taken from a book by Dave Eggers and got it carved on her forearm in pretty, cursive font.
The girl got this quote tattoo on her feet that has an appeal to keep a balance between your past and future. Created on the upper back in tidy capital letters with a bold font, this tattoo has an evocative touch. This tattoo having lyrics from Jesus of Suburbia exudes positivity and asks one to live life to the hilt. This tattoo was carved by the girl as a love tribute for her lover who dotes on her completely.
This nape tattoo has a beautiful feeling that expresses love for parents in a stylish and sweet way. Looking like freshly produced from a typewriter this quote tattoo has a solemn, poetic touch.
Live life kingsize, this was the mantra that the awesome beautiful actress lived by and the tattoo stands for it.

Line from Jim Elliot carved on side which gives good advice in terms of gain and loss we undergo in life.
Quote from the movie fight club that touched the heart of this wearer and he got it carved as a tattoo. This man underwent four back surgeries and came out a winner from all of them and got this tattoo to express his feelings.
A quote by Dr.Samuel Johnson, etched on the arm, in neat and tidy font that makes for a cool tattoo piece. Basically we think a tattoo that goes around the hand from the elbow to the wrist is a forearm tattoo. We realize that tattoos on forearm have become some of the hottest and rapidly growing tattoo designs amongst both guys and girls.
Diaries and notes were, till now, the place for keeping such quotes stored but these days tattoos have come up as a cool style option where you can get your favorite quotes carved in stylish and beautiful font.

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