Imagine your back becoming a canvas for your favorite quote or design that you can carry on you forever.
If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Hot Tattoos, Girls With Tattoos, Girl Shoulder Tattoos and Free Tattoo Pictures. Take a look at the rich details that bring to life the angel wings inked below both the shoulder blades in this artistic tattoo design. The gown of the pretty woman fans out like a blooming flower in this delicately inked fantastic back tattoo design.
This black inked cartoon style tattoo sits a little to the right near the shoulder-blade in the tattoo design. Delicate flowers shaded a light maroon shower down the left shoulder-blade across the back in this diagonal tattoo design.
A heart with Chinese letters sits at the center while red roses frame the sides of this romantic back tattoo design. Styled in a richly detailed manner with black ink this amazing tattoo comes out of the pages of a fantastic tale. Red flowers are protected by the vivid blue tsunami waves on both sides of this lower back colorful tattoo. A large face covers almost half the back while skulls and purple flowers make up the rest of this detailed full back permanent ink work. This small and richly detailed orange flower sits inked above the shoulder-blade in this tattoo design.
With a green spiralling pattern at the center and delicately shaded purple peacocks coming down from both shoulder blades, this tattoo design looks gorgeous. The top of this tree begins at the base of the neck and comes down to the center of the back in the tattoo design.

Pretty black lines and spirals are inked down the back in this gorgeous arty back tattoo touched with a huge pink bow at the top of the design.
The center part of the back is a great place for this double masks tattoo showing two dramatically opposite expressions, joy and sorrow. Delicate wave-like patterns rise behind the fiery dragon with open wings in this single color artistic tattoo design. Adorable skull shapes in purple flowers, flying baby unicorns, and flowers paint the colors of fantasy in this full back tattoo design. Inked in a colorful combination this tattoo of a woman’s face with flowers, the lower half of a fish, and a tsunami wave rises straight out of fantasy.
The four lines that make up the womans’ life philosophy are inked into this brown scroll script tattoo design.
A phoenix’s head rises near the shoulder-blade while the fiery fan tail forms a dancing cluster spreading down to touch the lower back in this full back tattoo design. Joined at the bottom and gracefully growing upward to face away from each other this is a double flower tattoo inked on a woman’s back. A rich brown branch trails across the woman’s back in this full back tattoo design as a light shower of cherry blossoms sparkles in the sun. This vivid blue butterfly and pink flowers design is delicately inked with sensitive strokes, giving a very feminine feel to the tattoo.
A wide-eyed girl with long locks tumbling down her face sits on the pretty woman’s back in this tattoo design. A peacock, a bull, and a huge fish have been inked in delicate ink in this back tattoo design with a red flower adding the only touch of color. Check out the complicated drawing of a woman entwined with a dragon that makes up this pencil sketch style back tattoo.

A light shower of autumn leaves rains over the woman’s back as a beautiful man gently holds onto a flowery branch in this unusual tattoo design. Imagine a pattern of pretty flowers or dancing dragons making a stunning design for your back. If the design occupies a small area, having it on the upper back makes it clearly visible when you wear a backless top. Getting a back tattoo lets you open up your favorite dreams and fantasies as you proudly show off your fresh ink work. Girl Back Tattoos are richly detailed, sensitively shaded, and colored in the special hues of fantasies.
If you enjoy flower themes you can have the design started near one shoulder-blade and let it continue diagonally across your back. Combining a butterfly with flowers also looks pretty on the back, and the vivid colors are attractive from a distance. You can make your back the showcase space for your life philosophy, and have the words inked in a scroll design that is meaningful and rich. If a full back design is what you have in mind, fantasy creatures, faces, stars, and skulls are all great ideas.

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