The friends built their own home made tattoo kit with bic pens, sewing needles and other items found around the house. Over two decades Alex de Pase has mastered his own tattoo technique and is now creating stunning photo-realistic tattoos with decorative, artistic elements.A beautiful sugar skull portrait tattoo by artist Alex de Pase. The symmetry, details, textures, shading and highlights all combine to make up this beautiful photo-realistic tattoo. The tattoo artist has added feminine, floral elements to give this portrait an artistic flair.
Often his portrait tattoos will seem to have more life in them than the photograph that he used as reference.
Often these design elements will appear as though painted on the face, as seen in the picture above, or painted over the finished artwork.
The image below shows sugar skull tattoo designs painted on the woman’s face as though she is wearing sugar skull make up.
On her forehead are floral designs that seem to be painted on top of the image of the woman, adding depth to the design.A beautiful photo realistic tattoo of rose flowers and a girl with sugar skull face paint by Alex de Pase.

The portrait of the woman and the rose flowers are all tattooed in a photo-realistic style, but some of the floral designs and the crow’s wing in the background are more abstract and artistic, adding to the art work without being a part of the photo-realistic styling.
The event is celebrated with sugar skulls; edible sweets made in the shape of a human skull that are decorated with flowers, jewels and other happy designs. Although many sugar skull tattoos appear almost cartoonish in nature, de Pase has brought the fad to a new level by creating exquisite photo-realistic portrait tattoos of people wearing sugar skull make-up. Learn more about sugar skull tattoos in Celebrate the Day of the Dead with Sugar Skull TattoosA photo realistic and artistic tattoo of a little girl wearing sugar skull face paint by Alex de Pase.
The sugar skull make-up has been designed to be as innocent as the child, resembling the face of a clown rather than a human skull. The textures of fur, feathers or insect carapaces all provide the artist with a new challenge as each must be tattooed in a different way to create a convincingly realistic effect. Nature is represented further in this tattoo design with the addition of butterflies, flowers and a snail. The most popular insects for tattoos are often beautiful winged insects like butterflies and dragonflies, but the underdogs are making an appearance in tattoo art too in the form of beetle, snail and bee tattoos.A stunning tattoo of a steampunk clockwork beetle by Alex de Pase.

Our brains read the expression on animal’s faces in much the same way as it reads the facial expressions of humans. The basic shape of a gorilla’s face is similar to a human face, with forward facing eyes set above a nose and mouth.
With their nearly human eyes, gorillas are often referred to as distant cousin to human beings and are sometimes used in art as a symbol of the connection between nature and humanity.Alex de Pase has added to the emotive appeal of this 3D gorilla tattoo by giving it human eyes and a human facial expression. The blue daylight reflecting off the gorilla’s black skin stands out in contrast to the warm colors of the background, adding to the 3-dimensional nature of the tattoo design. While most tattoos are first created on paper before being permanently inked into the skin, this design was created on the body without any forethought, following David Carroll’s signature tribal style. For some people an eye tattoo is a representation of spirituality but for others it can a symbol that a deceased loved one watches over them still.

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