Sleeve tattoos are quite popular among men as they love to flaunt their style statements and sleeves, being an exposed part, get fair attention from people. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Tribal Arm Tattoos, Forearm Tattoos, Meaningful Tattoos For Men and Side Tattoos For Men. The man has got both his sleeves painted with different flowers to create a catchy portrait. The lover and the beloved, together in a passionate pose, create a cool tattoo on the sleeve of the man who is also in love with someone. This half sleeve tattoo stands for the opposites of soft and hard that are present inside every man.
A cool tattoo that defines the adventurous and strong nature of the wearer and also looks very fascinating.

The man shows his black and grey religious tattoo, covering the whole sleeve that has an angel and praying hands. This full sleeve tattoo, done in black and white, makes for a fabulous piece that is sure to catch attention of all.
This man wears his emotions and expressions on his sleeve and has got them carved in sentences and symbols. The wearer found the famous book the little prince a source of inspiration and built a tattoo idea around it to wear on his sleeve. The man has a portrait of a woman along with flowers on his sleeve that indicates a tribute to her beloved. This tattoo done with black ink is a symbol of love and longing that the man expresses on his sleeve.

This full sleeve tattoo with flowers and other images looks pretty and has got an awesome touch. Partly colored and partly black and white, this full sleeve tattoo with koi fish and dragon is undergoing coloring. A tattoo aficionado, this man has got half of his body carved with tattoo designs that reflect his passion. There are various other designs that inspire the not-so-fairer-sex and they get them carved on their sleeves to serve as inspiration.

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