A Ganesh statue can be hand-carved in many postures and forms, typically with four or eight arms, holding various symbolic objects. Some of the most popular sacred symbols in Lord Ganesh statues are an elephant goad, bowls full of Indian sweets or honey, an axe and an upside-down noose. Although some symbols hold more esoteric meaning than others, all of the sacred symbols of Ganesh can be interpreted in many ways.

Like all of Ganesh’s symbols and traits, each hold an interesting difference in the benefits devotees would get. Above all, Lord Ganesh and his symbols bestow life lessons to help steady the mind and evolve with spiritual, positive progression. Modakapatra, also known as a bowl of sweets, exemplifies Ganesh’s love of sweets and the symbol He loves most – moksha, or liberation, one the sweetest of all things sweet.

The rat can be interpreted as under Ganesh’s control, which is symbolic of a spiritual pursuit to attain self-realization and grace.

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