You are currently browsing the articles from Tattoo Pictures Gallery matching the category Skull Tattoos. Skull tattoos is one of the most significant and impact powerhouse among the family of its other counterparts. If you are a hardcore biker or a diehard follower of the biker gangs, you can easily spot skull tattoos on their bikes and their helmets.
We’ve gone with skull tattoos as the first Skull-of-the-Month with many more to follow, although I suspect skull tattoos will feature again. Skull tattoos are meant for smaller parts such as wrists, ankles as well as for the larger body areas like back. We’ll source the best skulls in the category and post them in one mammoth post for everyone to skullivate over.

There are over 100 Skull Tattoos featured in this post, some good, some bad and some downright ridiculous but all equally as awesome. If you know the artist please let us know and we’ll make sure the skull creator gets our appreciation. Tattoo designs can have subtle variations in their design with an addition of a rose symbolizing a softening of the known hard nature of the skull.
The exuberant flames stimulate a new life along with the yellows, orange and red colour into the otherwise monotonous skull tattoos. Pirates of 17th century used to exhibit crossbones skull signs as their symbol of trademark. Not only this, skull tattoos are also available in different themes such as cowboy theme with the hat on the skull and the desert background.

Skull tattoos when paired with the image of snakes it then symbolizes perpetuity and enlightenment.
Skull tattoos have several add on features which have different meanings associated with them such as the Candlesticks which exemplify to the black magic.

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