We’ve seen two giant companies launch their high-end Android device each which have been creating quite a buzz since their arrival – the HTC One & the Samsung Galaxy S4. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has its usual physical Home button, the Back and Task Switcher keys being capacitive. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a Li-ion 2600mAh battery and the HTC One has a Li-Po 2300 mAh battery. On the benchmarks side, the Samsung Galaxy S4 international variant has a score of and the US variant has a score of 21,224, while the HTC One scores 22,695 on AnTuTu.
The Samsung Galaxy S4 clicks images with the resolution of 13MP, while the HTC One captures images of 4MP resolution.
In other countries, both the devices have been launched and the Samsung Galaxy S4 is available to purchase in most of them.
These phones are quite different from each other and when it comes to which one has the lead, it’s a really tough decision.

The HTC One doesn’t have that problem and is brighter than the display of Samsung Galaxy S4.
S Translator, S Health, Group Play, Sound&Shot, and Story Album have survived the 'journey', though.Furthermore, the Galaxy S4 Mini's infrared port enables you to take control of any TV.
So, we’ve compiled some important information about these phones and some aspects one should consider while judging the devices. Samsung uses the hyper-glazed plastic to manufacture the shell for its Galaxy S4, which makes it quite a bit thinner, lighter and allows the device to receive better network and GPS signals.
The Samsung Galaxy S4 is protected by Gorilla Glass 3, while the HTC One is protected by Gorilla Glass 2. The back isn’t removable so you won’t get accessories like Samsung has for the S4, but you can expect some pretty awesome covers for the phone and most of the users might not want to add any, because the device itself if more than gorgeous. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has its speaker on the back, while the HTC One has stereo speakers placed on the front with Beats Audio technology.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 packs a Super AMOLED display which doesn’t light up the pixels that are supposed to show black colors so the blacks are really deep and the contrast really shows. For example, Samsung Galaxy S4 has Air View, Smart Pause, Smart Scroll and Air Gestures, which basically give a lot of functionality to the device, but maybe you won’t use them every day. The battery on the Samsung Galaxy S4 is user-replaceable so you can put in a battery that has higher capacity. Samsung Galaxy S4 also has lots of filters in the Camera application, which are taken from the Galaxy Camera.

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