Set of vector skull illustrations and templates for your tattoo designs, prints and other graphic designs.
Set of 9 tribal vector cat tattoo templates with stylized illustrations of cat in ornate tribal style.
2 sets with different vector Chinese dragon tattoos which can be used as tattoo template or in your vector works as an element of the design.

Description: Black and white creepy female tribal skull tattoo design hanged on a cross with a rose flower by the side. Keyword: bones, dead, evil, face, fear, religious, cross, Christian, bone, head, horror, human, piracy, graphic, scary, skeleton, skull, teeth, scalp, vertex, jaw, bony, tooth, mercenary, hair, dark, voodoo, tattoo, drawing, stencil, artwork, black, white, silhouette, creepy, design, doom, spooky, Halloween, clipart, icon, illustration, isolated, idea, tribal, dirty, rose, glass, cross. The Zodiac design stencil depicts a scorpion, facing to left with its claws and tail raised, ready to attack with its poisonous sting.

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