The method of transfer in using an acetate stencil involves the use of stencil powder and vaseline. This scraping will take the little burrs out of the stencil, making the transfer come out cleaner and sharper. When you and the customer have chosen the right design, there must be a way to transfer it to the body part getting tattooed.
The Ways we are going to cover are among the most popular and it is a personal choice on the tattooist’s part to see which ones work the best for him.
For a tattoo that has a lot of attitude, history and lore, consider the myriad of scorpion tattoos available.
Scorpion tattoos can be dark and forbidding, but they can also be a lot more attractive than you might think. Scorpion tattoos can be large or small, and they can have as much or as little detail as you’d like. Zodiac tattoos are one of the most popular styles of tattoos, so it stands to reason that the scorpion tattoo and Scorpio tattoos in particular are so popular. The most popular areas of the body for the smaller feminine tattoos include the arms, back and right above the ankle, which is where women often choose to locate the scorpion tattoo. Before going into this though, there is one more method of cutting an acetate stencil other than with the stencil cutter.
Acetate sheeting is acquired through your tattoo supplier in rolls or sheets which measure in approximately .020 inch thickness. When this is done, remove the acetate stencil from the table and round off the corners with a pair of scissors, so there are no sharp edges. Even the best tattoo artists rarely work totally freehand (that is, to just start tattooing with no guidelines at all on the body).

In the tattoo trade, this transfer method from the design to the skin is called a stencil and there are many different ways it can be done. The most commonly used methods are drawing on the duplicating carbon, the use of hectograph ink, acetate stencils, the latest stencil creating machines and the simple skin type marker.
The scorpion was a popular symbol used in the tribal tattoo art of many different cultures.
It can only be stressed that the beginning tattooist practice making stencils and transferring them until perfection is attained. It is not good practice to just draw a tattoo design on the body, since mistakes and changes are going to occur. You might be interested in a scorpion tattoo because Scorpio is your zodiac sign or because you enjoy the dark and foreboding sense that scorpions give. The stencil is very important to tattooing since a clean stencil is easier to tattoo from and a sloppy one produces sloppy results. One great advantage to this style of stencil is if you want a reverse image, just flip over the stencil and etch the image on the other side, creating two stencils, one on each side, of the same design. Also, the stencil can be used more than once if care is taken not to totally abuse it in the process.
Then it is taped, tacked or secured to a board or clipboard with the tattoo design placed right on top of it.
You then follow the lines of the design with the stencil cutter engraving the lines of the design right into the acetate. The pencil stencil can be used over again also, but the ink tends to last longer and can be used as many as six times without copying it again. How you get this stencil on the skin is the same method you would use with the ink method or the duplicating carbon.

When you have a place where the tattoo is to be located, and have prepared the part with alcohol and a clean shave (covered in detail elsewhere), just rub a little light layer of deodorant on the skin and place the paper stencil right over it.
This next step should actually be done first before powdering the stencil because your hands are now all dirty.
Since they take longer to prepare, the beginner should stick to the pencil or ink method of transfer at first, slowly building up the collection of acetate stencils. The stencil can be used more then once if careful, and this technique is simple because you can have a store of duplicating paper in your desk for future use that is quick and relatively clean. Only when you can transfer a design perfect every time are you ready for any kind of professional tattooing. It saves a lot of time to have acetate stencils cut with your most popular designs on them first, so they don’t have to be repeatedly drawn over and over when you are real busy.
To do this, take another piece of acetate about one square inch in size and hold it upright with your fingers so the piece is vertical and the stencil is horizontal. It takes a certain knack to do this cleanly every time, so a great deal of practice is required on the tattooist’s part to get it down pat.
The idea here is to rub the stencil back and forth with the edge of the other piece of acetate.

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