To help those of you who are just starting out we have created a few simple practice sheets and some designs for you to try. Our collection of royalty free printable stencils is ideal for a variety of fun DIY stencil projects. Send us your feedback and requests for any free printable stencils you wish to see on our site so we can keep bringing you free high quality graphics downloads!
These shapes re-occur throughout many henna patterns and can help you to build more complex designs as well as gain good control. Download these printable stencil designs as black and white vector graphics, or paint a cool wall border in your room, dabbing on paint with a sponge for a textured effect.

Stencils are great for creative projects like embroidery, appliqué designs, scrapbooking, and wall or border painting.
All these are available in different styles and designs like Pakistani mehndi designs, Indian mehndi designs, Arabic mehndi designs etc. You can even transfer images onto T-shirts, or any clothing or accessory and design your own wardrobe!
Download these printable stencil designs as high-resolution (150 DPI) JPEG images that print on standard letter size paper or use the stencils as black and white clip art graphics in Microsoft Office. Printable iron-on transfers are a fun, easy way to add something cool to any piece in your closet!

Let your creative side go wild with free printable images for iron-on templates, inspiration, wall art, graphic design, web graphics or DIY projects.
These royalty free graphics are offered in GIF, JPEG, PSD, and vector formats giving you the most creative freedom possible. New free downloads are added often, so sign up for our newsletter to receive email updates.

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