The genres of photography, image editing, styling and sharing, being among the most popular on the iOS App Store (after platformers and games in general, of course), are becoming increasingly saturated, which makes it quite hard for both new users and seasoned iPhoneographers to pick out the good ones.
With 95 impressive image effects (around half of which are adjustable), over 30 frames and graffiti, basic image editing tools (rotate and crop) and color adjustment, Picture Effect Magic is perhaps one of the most comprehensive image styling apps on the iOS App Store. There is no shortage of conventional photo-sharing iOS apps that bank on quantity, which is why apps that bring something new to the table are an instant hit with users, which, in turn, is why glmps has made this list.
Also, note that none of the following apps are iPad-exclusive, though several do have iPad variants.

Unlike most other panoramic photography apps, Photosynth lets you capture 360 degree panoramas on both the vertical and horizontal access, enabling the user to capture the entire environment around a point.
The app sports a minimalistic interface and basic editing tools (resizing, cropping, rotating and color adjustment) and a collection of advanced tools that truly hold it apart from other apps of its kind. Although not as feature-rich as other apps from the genre, the app produces better results than most.
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To top it all off, the app comes packed with an Aviary photo editor for applying effects to and adjusting the brightness, saturation and color of photos. Moreover, the app is an excellent alternative to TouchRetouch, as the free iOS variant of the latter adds a watermark to each result.

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