Plenty of photography apps are available for that cause, be it subtle enhancements or quirky modifications – It’s time to put your new iPhone on play and show off to your friends! Free Photo FiltersFree photo filters app provides filters include Lomography Filter, Poloarizing Filter, Black and White Filter, Retro Effect Filter and more.
SP Photo Fix LiteYou can fix your photo (brightness, contrast, sharpness, hue, saturation) before sending it by email directly on your iPhone.
Crop for FreeCrop for Free is an utilities for your iPhone to crop your photos, retains image quality, rotate your photos and ability to crop multiple times before saving.
PhotonPhoton allows your entire photo and video collection securely stored in the cloud and available on your iphone with musical slide shows and editing tools. SP Photo Cal LiteThe easy way to create a calendar for your iPhone wallpaper, using pictures from the Picture Library. Private PicsThe perfect application for anyone who wants to keep people from accidentally seeing their private pictures. 12seconds.tvThe 12seconds iPhone application allows you to create and post fun slideshows on the go! Description: The podcast team discusses the potential anti-venom shortage, a wasp-venom derived protein for cancer therapy, 30,000 year-old viruses, and a new hominid species discovered in South Africa. Description: Glioblastomas and medulloblastomas are two common forms of brain cancer that afflicts thousands of people a year.

Description: In our latest podcast, we talk about narcolepsy and the fight between local colleges for the rights to an Alzheimer's disease database. Description: Antibody therapies have become incredibly popular for the treatment of diseases, including cancer. Description: CRISPR is an amazing technology originally discovered in bacteria as a defense mechanism against invading foreign genetic material.
A look around the internet will show you rather decent photos taken by iPhone as people quit printing photos – who will when with a few taps, they can share theirs instantly. In this article, we put together 20 Free Photography Apps and recommendation of some good paid apps. Community members upload relevant videos, pictures and audio-commentaries into the larger knowledge community. Almost 50 BioLegend employees took part is this fun race which supports awareness for local charities trying to bring about positive change in San Diego.
In this blog, we discuss the potential impact of sequencing or genotyping individuals and why the FDA temporarily shutdown one company for marketing their kit as a medical device.
Researchers are now repurposing this for useful applications in like increasing crop size and treating diseases like HIV and cancer. Our blog examines possible causes, treatments, and mechanisms of action for food allergens.

X-rays are an important part of the modern health care system, and an invaluable tool for research and diagnostics. BioLegend develops and manufactures world-class, cutting-edge immunological reagents for biomedical research, offered at an outstanding value. In this blog, we discuss a landmark case study, and human trial, in which gene editing was successfully used in the treatment of leukemia.
The use of monoclonal antibodies against some of these molecules, called immune checkpoint receptors, have provided some answers and hope in the search for a cure. The page also features IHC reagents for detection of neuroinflammation and a list of our neuroinflammation products.
This allows for on-the-fly access to lab goods, and also nearly infinite customizability for lab supplies in your experiments. Read through our blog to learn more about the logistics of picking out the right animal for you.

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