The weekend is here, and as usual, we are bringing to you the goodness of some quality apps; apps that normally carry a price tag.
If you’re looking for a solution to convert PDF files to Word format, then this neat app has you covered.
A powerful audio recording app that can be handy for moments when you wish to record yourself singing, create audio notes while adding memos, photos, marks, etc. If you are looking to get your hands on some quality titles this weekend for your Mac, head over the jump to a catch a list of some paid apps that have gone free for a limited period.

The app can also edit PDF contents by exporting text images and other contents from the PDF files right into MS Word. The next time you move away from your Mac for a few minutes and are carrying your iPad or iPhone, the Mac will automatically lock itself down. It allows users to slow down the speed of their mouse pointer, to achieve exceptional levels of precision, perfect for image editing purposes. Download them as soon as possible since such deals don’t ordinarily last for more than 24 hours after posting.

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