Google and Picnik recently released an official announcement that they would be closing the online photo editing tool as of April 19, 2012. And since none of the options listed above offer the same array of collages that Picnik allowed us to choose from, I may end up using a site specifically designed for collages only.
If you have a smart phone than you may be aware of some pretty amazing photo editing apps you can use right from your phone and then save or upload to your favorite site or email account. Unfortunately there is no one stop shop alternative to Picnik unless you want to download and learn a software program similar to Photoshop…and even that is not as fast as popping a photo onto Picnik for editing. It’s just a matter of time before any one of these photo editing sites steps up their game to provide all of the same functions Picnik offered. For more on photo editing check out another post we published on Free Photo Editing and Collage Sites. Editing you photos online is now very easy with the boom of Chrome Webstore, there are loads of apps available where user’s can add many cool effects to their photos.

If you’re looking for a really great editing site similar to Picnik, I highly recommend iPiccy! Filed Under: Blog, freebies, fun stuff, photography, Santa Clara Design Tagged With: editing, photography, photoshop, resources, tools, website photographyconnect with us! For now, this might mean utilizing two different sites to produce a photo just the way you’d like.
If one finds it difficult to remove something on the picture, it’s best to avail online photo editing services. I’m already loving Pixlr, as it has the functions I would be using if Picnik were still around, and some new ones that seem like they’ll be fun to play with!
This is a free downloadable software for photo retouching and editing.  Works on Mac or PC. The interface is very clean and sleek.  The site offers many different editing options and a nice series of previews for each effect at the bottom (see below) before the effect is applied.

It was a platform that provided bloggers like us a quick and easy fix for photos we wanted to improve and share online.
The website will start to load, then it’ll just stay like that for what seems like hours. It can be a bit slower to load than some of the other applications, but the wait is probably worth it.  Picnik is also directly connected to many photo sharing sites. I want the option of editing and then saving my photos to other sites (like Flickr and Facebook), and lastly I really enjoyed the Picnik collages.
Between the two it operates more like Picnik, but in my opinion falls way short when it comes to nice filter options.

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