At some point in your life, you might have experienced appreciating flowers, the thrill of offering them and the happiness of receiving one.
Now that you have an understanding of the flower’s meaning when put into a tattoo, you can prevent yourself from erasing it especially if it doesn’t represent your personality at all. The flower that you purchased or received might not have any particular meaning however; it is the human emotions that provide interpretation and value to it.
Hundreds of flower tattoo designs can evoke hundreds of meanings therefore giving a whole new meaning to both the owner and the beholder. Tattoos are permanently incorporated on one’s skin therefore making it hard to remove afterwards. According to the religion, every human that exists in the earth has the spirit of lotus within them. It is also best to consult your tattoo artist first before inking the design so that you would know where it is best to place it. Even though this design is commonly seen on women, there are men who are getting inked with the same design on their skin.

This flower also characterizes divinity and purity and is widely known as the symbol of fertility, life, feminine beauty and youth.
Different flowers have gathered different meanings through time but when you place it together with different elements in a tattoo, the new meanings can be born from it. There are different reasons for changing or removing the tattoos and one of the most common ones is that the clients didn’t really understand the flower tattoo’s meaning at all. There are men who are outspokenly against getting inked with a flower however; it becomes an entirely different story if it is done with a skull or crossbones on it. Instead of offering roses to your loved one, you can tattoo the rose together with her name either in your chest or arm. These flowers can be given in different occasions such as paying a visit to a sick friend or loved ones in the hospital. The scientific name of Hibiscus is derived from Greek word ‘hibiscus’ which means ‘mallow’ and ‘rosa-sinensis’ which means ‘Rose of China’. If you can make the tattoo artist alter the rose, you may want to think about getting a yellow rose.

If you have decided to tattoo this flower, its meaning would become ‘elegance’ as well as ‘charm’ and ‘grace’. Moreover, you will see the lotus flower being carved or adorned on the platforms of the statue of Buddha. If you are pessimistic or you are mourning the death of a close friend or loved one, you may want to get a black rose tattoo.
For the Greeks on the other hand, this flower is born from the breast milk of their goddess Hera.
If you are going to tattoo the lily along with other elements, its meaning would become purity, harmony and peace.

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