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Flower On Top Of Foot tattoo design is looking very sexy and very beautiful on the foot of the lady. Women may want a tattoo, but do not want it on a place like their arms or backs, so they decide to get it somewhere a little more discreet like their feet. We promise you one thing though, once you get a look at these 13 Flirty Flower Foot Tattoos, you may decide that you can find a cool flower tattoo for your foot too!
This tattoo is a beautiful flower, and there is also a name on there, which can be the name of a child, a deceased friend, or even a boyfriend! Pink flowers are gorgeous, and this tattoo artist added some yellow stars to make the tattoo really special. The top of the foot is not the only place on the foot a tattoo can be placed, this young woman put a Filigri flower on the side of her foot going around her ankle! These two white flowers look amazing, and located directly on the top of the foot, they are also very eye catching! Flowers can come in a rainbow of colors, and this foot tattoo is purple, and to highlight the flower, there are blue dots all around it! This tattoo is comprised of purple and pink flowers, and there are also little buds on the tattoo as well.

This black and white flower is just growing and growing from the top of the foot down to the big toe!
Three pink flowers are tattooed on the top of the foot, and the group together really looks both pretty and very feminine.
Not every flower tattoo has to be colored in, this tattoo is just a simple flower outline, and it looks great!
Some flower foot tattoos can be more along the side of the foot, just like this really beautiful pink tattoo.
These pink flowers have a vine with them, and the pink sparkles also add something to how beautiful this tattoo really is. There are so many flowers to choose from for a tattoo on the foot, and this young woman wanted to go with something simple like a lovely red rose. If you liked this list of 13 Flirty Flower Foot Tattoos, then check out 22 Irresistible Drawing Ideas For Kids that need your attention, 24 Magnificent Monarch Butterfly Tattoo List For The Ones Looking For Something New, and Freak Out With 26 Finger Tattoo Ideas. There are so many kinds of tattoo designs you can choose from, such as a ship sailing on a blue sea to show your adventurous soul, or cute paw prints to show your love for your pet.
However, since a foot is highly exposed area, one needs to take special care to maintain its striking appeal. The best thing about this getting a flower tattoo is the fact that it will never die, and look its even growing up and around the ankle! What makes this tattoo even more special is the fact that there is a beautiful butterfly on there as well!

Maybe later on, if the woman decides to add color, she does have that option, but is still is a great tattoo either way! If you love wearing open-toed sandals, or even better, going about barefoot for a wild, carefree look, a foot tattoo can really turn heads. If you enjoy music you can choose a simple musical note theme for the foot tattoo, or a beautiful white fish to show your Pisces star sign. Foot tattoos for girls can be anything from a floral design to something with a profound meaning.
Once you are ready to take additional precautions to sustain your foot tattoo, then wait no further and pick an idea from the list below.
Paint your toes your favorite shade and your tattoo design can be the perfect ornament for your feet. Flowers look lovely on feet so you can always go for flower themes, like an orange flower with green leaves, or a dainty design of pink and red flowers. You can also have butterflies fluttering on your feet in the tattoo design, or try flowers in two different shades to show off your wild girl side.

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