For admirers of body art, the Indian feather tattoo is a popular design choice thanks to its true beauty and deep symbolic meanings. Well, seeing feathers in your dream indicates a journey or the ability to move with freedom. Indian feathers have so much of history and meaning to it that they make great designs for tattoos. Here's a unique beaded feather tattoo which is more like a headpiece and was worn by warriors for achieving a great feat.
If you want something bewitchingly striking, profiling a woman's face can achieve that, go for the above design which depicts a dramatic face with a head full of Indian feathers.
A strikingly colorful and lovely peacock feather makes for a good choice of tattoo design on the back and arms. After having gone through each intricate tattoo design, we hope it has inspired you enough to get one inked.
The dreamcatcher tattoos exist in a variety of different patterns and colors, and they may be decorated with images of birds, animals, beads, crystals, arrowheads and other symbols.

Look through this Buzzle post for the Indian feather tattoo designs that are on display and absorb the rich heritage and meanings associated with this beautiful tattoo.
If you see white feathers, it means pureness and a clean start in the religious sense.An Indian feather owes its origin to the Native Americans. Feathers of an eagle would be highly prized as the Natives believed that eagles were close to gods because they flew at great heights. A simple yet elegant native peacock feather that will do wonders to your collarbone once it is inked! The tattoo showcases a woman's face, feathers, and her hair with distinct details in red and black. You can make an addition of three feathers strung together from a thread (or even beads), and can be worn on the foot, just near the ankle. The peacock feather symbolizes reincarnation and renewal in Christianity, while on the other hand, it also stands for sanctity, purity, and a glint of self-love sometimes. It describes the wearer to be a free bird in flight, and the tattoo can also be part of angelic symbolization.

It all started as the feathers were a symbol of respect and also as an accomplishment gift to the courageous, by the chief of the tribe. It's not only about a single feather, you can add dreamcatchers, beads, arm bands, or any other form of art to it.
In few cultures, it is believed that when a feather falls in your path, it means someone you know has moved into the afterlife. You can make it creative by either including a short, meaningful phrase that you relate to, or you can have small birds coming out of the feather, which could mean reaching for the sky. So, you can opt for a dreamcatcher tattoo design on your arm or back, which symbolizes entering of dainty dreams and trapping the bad ones in the web forever.
After that, he would be rewarded the feather which had to be displayed proudly, and not hidden (or else it is a huge disrespect).

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