This site recently posted an updated list of rates and estimated pace for 13 types of writing and editing jobs including: basic copyediting, heavy copyediting, developmental editing, indexing, book layout, newsletter layout, project management, proofreading, researching, substantive line editing, transcribing, translating, and writing. In Chapter 1 of the organization’s online “Code of Fair Practice,” the section on “Types of Freelance Editorial Work” describes what each of these writing and editing jobs entails. This freelance writing blog features several useful calculators that can help ensure that you’re charging enough to meet your annual-income goals. This entry was posted in Uncategorized, Resources, Writers and tagged freelance business, freelancing, freelance writing, pricing freelance jobs, resources for writers on July 18, 2011 by Eileen Fritsch. Another useful resource is the book WHAT TO CHARGE: PRICING STRATEGIES FOR FREELANCERS AND CONSULTANTS. Deciding how to price freelance photo editing is one of the most important issues facing photography editors who want to break free from corporate positions. In the interest of reducing confusion and forming a clear picture of freelance photo editor pricing structures you should study the market, define your industry, and always aim for fair fees. Most freelance photo editors don't target an industry so much as they are pulled into a certain industry. Web based freelancers usually earn an average wage of 20 to 150 dollars per hour, and city based freelances earn from 20 to 200 dollars per hour.

The most important decision you will make as you decide how to price freelance photo editing is whether you will charge by the hour or by the project. In addition, make sure you're actually qualified to do professional photo editing based on your experience, expertise, and knowledge. Reading through this detailed list might open your eyes to new types of freelance-writing opportunities you might not have considered.
On the site’s “Free Stuff for Writers” page you can find a freelance hourly rate calculator and a project-rate calculator. If you're concerned about what to charge for your services, the points discussed below can help you place a fair price on your work.
The following breakdown can help you figure out how to price freelance photo editing for your area and expertise. For example, if you have completed several projects in which you edited photos for local businesses, you might gain positive word of mouth feedback and get hired to work for other businesses. I had worked in corporate branding for a few years before becoming a type designer, and suddenly I was being asked to get involved in personal branding, as literally "personal" and "branding" as the expression can get.
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Rather, it provides strategies or techniques that every freelancer, regardless of area of expertise or years of experience, can use to determine the best fee for a particular job and to make more money in the future.
Such competition can drive fees up or bring them down a few notches depending upon the primary industry freelancers target (e.g. To accomplish this, use what you've learned from this article combined and research what other freelance photo editors charge.
Some of the most successful freelance photo editors are the ones who are smart enough to allow trial and error influence how they set their fees.
Typically, the celebrity industry pays the most for photo editing and photography services. Most freelance photo editors charge by the hour, but some report success when they charge per project with options to add fees if the project exceeds time and labor expectations. Look at examples of their work and see if your own talent falls into the same expertise level.

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