In addition, the Help section has been vastly expanded, a handy Photoshop style Color Changer added and the masking features is more intuitive and easy to use compared to previous versions. Whichever of LightBox Free Image Editor's tools you use however, you're guaranteed some pretty impressive results. Finding the right adjustments to make can be a case trial and error, although LightBox Free Image Editor does offer auto color balance, dodge and burn, and smart highlight shadow processing.
Professionals, however, have at last the first specialized tool allowing them to create, edit and test DHTML scripts.

Here is the official description for Greeting Card Editor: Greeting Card Editor makes you easily use your digital photo to create a pretty greeting card, and e-mail or print them right away on your printer.
Transparence adjustingUsing a simple slide-bar, you can adjust the transparency of your photo, making it easy to achieve the perfect artistic blend of photo and background image.Providing some different output mannersYou can save your artwork, and display it on the screen, or send it to your printer.

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