Till a few years ago designs with tattoo lettering were considered to be a novelty, but in recent times this has changed completely. While choosing a tattoo lettering script, it is very important that you match the font with the kind of quote or word that you are getting tattooed with. Some of the best tattoo fonts for girls are those that have a calligraphic quality to them. Attention tattoo artists: We offer a wide variety of font packages that allow you to provide a variety of font choices to your customers, without breaking your budget.
The different styles for tattoo lettering given in this article should be able to help you make a choice when it comes to choosing a script for the design that is going to be a part of you for the rest of your life. Without a story, the tattoo is just a pretty design; with a story it becomes something emotional, something that tugs at your heart.
It is important that you get your tattoo done by a reputed artist as you would want the tattoo to be made well.

So if you are planning on getting a quote as a tattoo, then choose a tattoo font that holds a personal appeal for you.
We’ve included a selection of traditional typestyles as well as several unconventional designs that will help your tattoo stand out.
And if there is one type of tattoo that always manages to intrigue you, forcing you to ask about it, it is a tattoo that is made up of words.
With word tattoos it is very important that the tattoo follows the natural curves of the body as it can otherwise look out of place or even stretched. This is the reason why it is extremely important to pick out the right font for your tattoo.
Most people who opt to get quotes and words tattooed on their body generally have a deep connection to what they are getting inked. Most tattoo enthusiasts spend a lot of time deciding on a quote and then an equal amount of time deciding on the font style that they should use.

If you are getting inked with a tattoo in English, there are still many different options for font styles. While there are no rules that govern which type of font guys or girls should opt for, some fonts look better on women. The image given here gives you an idea about some of the different styles that you can pick from.

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