When looking for a tattoo design that offers strong imagery and bold, eye-catching color, demon tattoos are an excellent choice. Demon tattoos can also be rendered in cartoon fashion – most often, this variation portrays a cherubic red demon with yellow horns, a tall pitchfork, and a mischievous smile.
While demons are most often associated with fire in tattoo art, they can be integrated with other designs and images, such as tribal patterns, dragons, or even angels. These tattoos rarely fail to grab attention, and wearers can expect plenty of comments about their body art.

These demons are frequently dressed in children’s clothing, although in some tattoo designs, they do not wear clothes at all. In more cartoonish tattoos, the demon may be shown with a halo and a harp, creating a unique sense of the duality of good and evil. Today, however, many demon tattoos are somewhat less negative – they represent the classic struggle between good and evil. The outlines are usually done with thick black lines, although some demon images feature intricate shading to make them appear more ”realistic”.

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