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Stunning details making it a tasteful daisy design, which you would love to flash on your leg.
Classy white daisies with nice white and blue shade work on petal, and enhancing the tattoo further is the tribal pattern in the background.
Memorial back piece dedicated to a pet named Daisy with a big purple daisy and the pet’s portrait. In the early 60’s, daisy tattoo became rampant and popular among many humanity organizations and movements.These tattoos became a sign of peace and harmony for the mankind. Even young girls desires to have their own daisy tattoo design to bring out their youth and innocence.

These tattoo designs offered a new hope for many people for innocence and purity beyond race and principle.
However, if you simply want a lovely-looking flower piece to adorn your body, daisies would go best with your sophisticated taste. Women can wear a daisy piece on their leg, ribcage or waist for a sensuous style statement. Daisy tattoos became a symbol for femininity and innocence and is becoming one of he most popular tattoo designs today. The white daisy symbolizes virtuousness and often associated with the innocence of the Child Jesus. That is why daisies are used as offerings to the Church and often seen beside the images of Madonna and Child, Virgin Mary and Christ Child Jesus.

Red color of this design symbolizes happiness in love while yellow daisy tattoos mean happiness with the group of friends you are with. Daisy tattoo may come in simple and subtle designs that can still be attracting and eye catching.
Having it worn on any part of the body, from the shoulders to your ankles, daisy tattoos will keep its beauty and magnificence that always expresses your personality and individuality to others. Generally, daisy tattoos represents joy and true happiness which is very a unique and exceptional characteristic for a simple flower.

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