Although not a main stream tattoo, but daisy tattoo is one of the most popular choice among women.
So, today we have come up with a lot of information about daisy tattoos so that you can understand them well and get convinced for your next tattoo.
The daisy flower has been associated with different ancient cultures throughout the world since long. Although the most common design of daisy flower portrays a deep yellow centre with white petals, but still there is a variety of species of daisy flowers having different colours. Just like the colour, there is a variety of designs available for daisy tattoos such as- single blooms, daisy chains and within large flower bouquets. Being the symbol of the most positive aspects a woman is believed to have such as -innocence, purity and beauty; daisy tattoos are the first choice of women because they want to portray the presence of these qualities in their personality through their tattoo. We have brought a variety of designs of daisy tattoos in this article so that you can have a glance on them and make a proper view about them.
Although it's not necessary to associate particular meaning to your tattoo design you can associate your personal meaning with it.

So we can say daisy tattoos are versatile of course this depend on how the design is being done. With the possibility of variation in size, colour, design and associations, daisy tattoos also hold great symbolic value for the wearer.
Also, we have a huge collection of images of different daisy tattoos that can surely give you some idea about the available designs in the market. According to the Roman mythology, it is believed that nymph “Besides” was dancing in a vast array of orchards and converted herself into a daisy flower with a motive to get escaped from the constant eye of the orchard god “Vertumnus”. Daisy flower is seen in many Christian art and is believed to represent innocence and purity of the Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary.
You have the option to include a butterfly, bee, or hummingbird when the daisies are designed as single bloom whereas daisy chains are portrayed as a “chain of daisies” including 4 or 5 daisies.
Some of the meanings of daisy flower tattoo are mentioned below which will surely help you to understand the tattoo better.
Basically daisy tattoo symbolizes innocence and purity or we can say innocence of childhood.

Be remember you must be 100% happy with your chosen tattoo design you tattoo will be with you forever.
With a great symbolic history, daisy tattoos have a positive aspect that they can be blended with many elements so as to give a better outcome.
Some deeper meanings can be formed when daisy is associated with different Christian symbols. Specially white daisy flower has been associated with children and the innocence of childhood.

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