Olympia SM models from West Germany are generally regarded as some of the best manual typewriters ever engineered. The almost forgotten typewriter is making a big comeback these days and the cursive style font type is among the most sought after of these machines on the planet!
The solid, well-constructed machines are perfect for typewriter enthusiasts who not only want to own an aesthetically pleasing object, but truly want to type, type, and type to their heart content.
We've organized a great selection of these vintage script typewriters at low discount prices. The pictures on this page represent just a small sample of the many cursive-script style typewriters available through our site right now.

There's never been a better time to own one of these beautiful cursive style typewriters for such a low bargain price. Whether you are a hard core collector or just want a cool vintage machine for your home or office, a cursive typewriter may be just what you need! Remington, Smith Corona, Olivetti, Hermes and Oliver are just a few of the many manufacturers who produced this elegant font a few decades ago.
Visit us now and see the selection of cursive typewriters we've assembled at low bargain prices! West German Made Adler Cursive Type Face TypewriterMany people are getting in on the typewriter fun these days.

Many folks feel there's no other way to write a personal letter than on a vintage manual typewriter.

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