The blood on the knives, the evil look on the clowns face, it all brings to mind the science fiction movies of the bad clown chasing down the little children of the town. I have seen a few clown tattoos that really get bloody and disgusting, I didn’t care to much for them, but this one is for the scary movie lover in all of us. I love clowns, when I go to the circus I want to see the clowns, just like I do when I go to the ink conventions, I want to see the clown tattoos.

It might be because the clown has lots of make up or that they have big noses, who knows, but most do look devious in the way they look.
There are so many variations of clown tattoos, they are funny, they are rude, they are scary, but most importantly they are loved. No matter what, clowns are hilarious, if you love clowns, go get a tattoo like this and be proud of it.

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