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A tree with leaves arching to form a perfect circle expresses your love for natural harmony. A black bold tree on the arm with no leaves and birds flying from the tree up to the wrist.
A tree that takes up the entire back with colorful falling leaves down to the exposed roots. TweetWhen men get tattoos they often want something very manly, and they want everyone to see it at all times, so it’s no surprise the arm tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos for men.

The spreading branches of a tree and the patterns of leaves have been used in tribal designs for ages.
Since trees are so large these places can be the perfect way to show off anyone’s magnificent tree tattoos.
Across civilizations, these Tree of Life patterns show the power of life to survive with beauty.
Interlaced branches make a great design for a tattoo, and when it completes in a circle, you have a perfect Tree of Life. A lot of tree tattoos are in grey scale for a more dramatic effect, while some add touches of color in the leaves or flowers adorned upon the tree.

You can express the joy of life by getting a tattoo of a bare tree with a single green leaf. You can also get a beautiful Tree of Life inked on your arm, back, behind the ear, foot, or wherever you choose.
These amazing tree tattoo designs not only have powerful meanings, but they look amazing as well.

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