While chest tattoos are acceptable for both guys and girls, it’s usually the guys who are the ones that get them tattooed the most. Chest Tattoos For Men are a great way to display the design that you like the most as the chest area is the biggest canvas, just like the back but the only difference being that the chest is seen more than the back.
A wise old owl carrying the sands of time in it’s talons makes me wonder what message it is trying to convey.
As you can see, the styles for chest tattoos for men vary so greatly that the possibilities are endless.

In Japan and other areas of the world tattooing of the chest is the most popular among men and the reasoning is because of how proudly they’re able to display what means most to them.
Some professionals will get their chest tattooed but leave the center area as a blank canvas so when they’re wearing a button down shirt they are able to leave the first few buttons undone without the tattoo being visible, same with when they wear a v-neck shirt. There are tribes that are known for both chest and face tattoos so it’s not hard to link the chest tattoos with many meanings.

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