When someone says that they are going to get a Cancer tattoo they probably mean that they are going to get a tattoo that represents their particular zodiac sign and not one that is representative of a disease.
Those who are interested in getting a Cancer tattoo design have a number of different options available to them. An interesting trend among those receiving Cancer tattoos is the placement of the design in a tribal pattern. Before you pursue getting a Cancer tattoos, it’s wise to go over the possible designs first.

People born between June 22nd and July 22nd fall under the sign of Cancer, a sign that is symbolized by the crab. Not only do you end up with a fierce symbol, with Cancer tattoos you also bear your personality for everyone to see. The Cancer tattoo design glyph is often perfect for those individuals who want a design that is small and discrete. On the other hand, Cancer can also refer to the Hindu astrological sign of the sidereal zodiac.

With all these details, you can be assured that your Cancer tattoo has rich stories to tell.

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