Coil CareBe careful when fitting the coils to your frame, don't bend the wire too much or the copper will harden and break. MTP Tattoo Supplies Custom Tattoo Machines, Hand Wound Tattoo Machine Coils (electromagnets) and custom Tattoo Machine Parts. For the people of the world who want a cool tattoo, minus the pain, the cost, and the wrong end result.
Wet a tissue (not the same one you used before) with a cooling toner to close your pores with the ink in them (this sounds bad, but it will keep the ink in for longer).

Keep running your hand up and down the area until the ink is not spreading, your hands are clean, and the area is dry. When you are testing it for smearing, test the outside of the drawing and spread it with outward motions. Japanese characters are very popular tattoos, and there are some that are incredibly easy to draw.
Just draw whatever you want wherever you want it with Sharpie, rub it with baby powder, and then spray some hair spray on it; it should stay for about a week, depending on what your daily routine is.

If you want it on, let's say, your lower back, get someone you really, really, really trust to do it for you. If you are not sure, make a short mark on the back of your hand (or somewhere less obvious) and check for a rash later.

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