In the realm of body art, nothing surpasses the exuberance and beauty possessed by fairy tattoos.
If you’re serious about getting a fairy tattoos, you better be prepared to be under the needle for some time and to pay good money. From an artistic standpoint Fairy tattoo designs can be visually striking, highly detailed and very colourful tattoo designs. While Fairies with wings became common in Victorian artwork they were very rare before this.
Though popular among the females, this tattoo has also accorded an increasing number of nods from the male population.
If you want to feature a fairy typical of those in cartoons, then you can bank on solid outlines and vibrant hues.
In art fairies were often depicted surrounded by flowers or dwelling in beautiful gardens and could be thought of as nature spirits. Fairy tattoo designs are a popular choice for women as the traditional image of a fairy as an epitome of feminine beauty and grace.
Fairies weren’t all good, they could be downright troublesome, and a black fairy tattoo design celebrates this.

Fairies resemble beings from other mythologies and even folklore uses the term quite loosely. It is possible to have a Fairy tattoo design anywhere on the body and Fairy tattoos lend themselves to pretty much any size tattoo, large or small. Fairy tattoo designs go very well with colourful flowers which can be rendered in bright colours to give good contrast.
It’s delightful to note that beneath these tattoos’ quirky polish lay rich symbolisms that appeal to people of various sexes, ages, and lifestyles. These iconic tattoos also reveal a touch of old world literature, for fairies are common characters in myths and legends. If you prefer the fairy featured in mythologies, you can have a more intricately-designed tattoo. Fairy tattoos can also be any size, making it possible to place a fairy tattoo design on pretty much any part, or area of the body.
A tattoo of fairy wings upon a woman’s back could be used to show that she aspires to fairy-like qualities.
This means that a skilled tattoo artist should have little trouble constructing a beautiful design to fit any place on your body you choose.

They have long been a part of our lives, especially during our childhood days, and it’s only natural for these tattoos to take us back to those days of youth and innocence. Small fairies have appeared for centuries, but these always existed alongside their larger counterparts. Fairy tattoos, with the cheerfulness they exude, make a unique statement about your equally fun and imaginative personality. The various themes and patterns that can be accommodated by fairy tattoos promise to etch that hint of magic in your skin.
It was often hinted that fairies could magically change size to appear any size they chose. For instance, a large and highly detailed Fairy tattoo design can look simply breathtaking covering a persons entire back. It is the imagination of the individual which decides what they want their fairy to be and this can be incorporated into the tattoo design and tattoo idea.

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