Before the rattling drill of the tattoo gun, there is the calming hum that sounds through the room.
Oxygen Channel brings tattoo artists to the reality show circuit with its second season of Best Ink. What may be a saving grace for the prototypical reality show is where it outpaces similar tattoo shows like Ink Masters. What should draw the eye of San Antonio viewers is standout contestant, and local resident, Brittany Elliott from Arc Angel Tattoo.

Former LA Ink tattoo artist Hannah Aitchison joins returning judges Joe Capobianco (who is still rocking his comical hairstyle of Season 1) and Sabina Kelley (who is still as vivacious as ever). Where the Ink Challenge is the standard tattoo clambake, the Flash Challenge is anything but.
They may come off to audiences as irrelevant and, honestly, represent little in regards to actual tattooing talent. You can check out her work and hopes for the Tattoo magazine cover and $100,000 prize each week on Oxygen.

The Flash challenge features competition through artistic ventures in various mediums, such as painting guitars and painting planes. However, the challenges present the artists in foreign environments, which is sure to bring a unique spin to the otherwise tiresome tattoo-show format.

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