Body Art Tattoo Studio Body Art Tattoo is located at 119 West Main Street in Berryville, VA. Custom Tattoos, Original Designs, and Thousands of Pages of Flash to Meet Your Tattoo Needs. Neil is an experienced tattoo artist and also a visual artist who creates paintings, 3D art and enjoys working in many different mediums.
Shawn is an experienced tattoo artist with his own unique style and specializes in a wide range of art. Be sure to check our website regularly and like us on Facebook, Google & Yelp so you can stay updated on any new developments at Body Art.

In the year 2000 I moved to Brighton, East Sussex in the South of England where I created my studio Alpha Assassin Tattoo.
I also do Black and Shading type tattoos and have a passion for colour, so if it's colour you're into I have a galaxy of colours to choose from. We can help you get the tattoo you want and the quality you will be proud to carry on your body. Gone but not forgotten, Tom's legacy lives on and thousands of people around the country and beyond proudly wear his artwork on their bodies.
Before setting an appointment we require to have a good understanding and completed drawing of the tattoo design you are trying to get.

Walkins are also welcome on any days, on a first come, first serve basis, following the artist’s appointments.

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