If you’re into Asian tattoo designs, then one design you should definitely spend some time checking out is the koi tattoo. The koi fish tattoo has risen in popularity throughout the past decade, due in no small part to the availability of Asian art in the Western world. Because of the rising popularity of Asian tattoo art, koi fish tattoo designs are becoming more plentiful, both online and in tattoo shops. Have your custom tattoo artist create a unique custom tattoo designed specifically for you.

This design typically uses vibrant colors and graceful, sweeping lines to create an eye catching, visually appealing work of body art. The koi fish represents calmness and serenity – perfect for those of you who lean toward Eastern philosophy or religion.
Spend some time browsing through these designs, and you’ll be sure to find one you like. Look through our list of custom tattoo artists to find one near you, or email us to find a custom tattoo artist in your neck of the woods.

Keep in mind, though, that koi designs tend to be a bit large, so if you’re looking for a small tattoo design for your ankle, shoulder, or wrist, you might be better off asking your tattoo artist to create a custom design for you.

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