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This pair of sepia shaded flowers looks really pretty with the two names inked into the design.
Flower patterns look great at the center of the foot.This is an intricate pattern done in black to highlight the artistic floral design. A decorative pattern of red flowers looks gorgeous on the foot especially with green leaves linking the flowers. Flowers shaded in red and blue with pretty butterflies nearby makes this a perfect garden theme design. As a pattern that trails prettily across your foot this interlinked design of small pink flowers is just perfect. Colorful flowers arranged in gentle curves make a beautiful design for the side of your foot. Long petals arranged in a tight circle around a round center make these red flowers a fantastic foot tattoo.

Combine black ornate patterns with beautiful shaded flowers, and you get this stunning foot tattoo.
Pink, red, and white shaded flowers make poetry with elegant black patterns in this foot tattoo. Delicate lines and folds in the petals contrast strongly with the bright orange color of this flower tattoo. A mauve flower is done up with white delicate lines at the center of the petals in this realistic flower tattoo. The colors in this tattoo swirl and merge to create a soft effect much like the petals of a real flower. Pink, bright, beautiful, the pattern of flowers in this tattoo makes you think of fresh spring. The softness of the petals, the intricate color combinations and shapes, and the vibrance of a flower are much like a woman with her gentle strength and grace. As a tattoo design for the side of your foot, a spiraling pattern of pink flowers is a perfect choice in its combination of soft womanly pink and pretty floral art.

This tattoo shows two large flowers with orange shading off into gold for a picture-perfect effect.
The bold purple flowers with touches of yellow combine with dark green spirals to show your love for flowers. You can also create an elegant look by toning down the colors to bring out the perfect patterns of flowers in a sepia shaded tattoo.
If you are thinking of getting a flower tattoo on your feet, you can play with colors and shapes to stunning effect in the tattoo design. Express your creativity and womanliness through flower tattoos that add a touch of art to your foot as you dance, walk, and simply enjoy life.

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