Body art expresses individuality, style and uniqueness, but unlike other body adornments, a tattoo’s permanence makes a lasting statement. Ink Twister Tattoo has been around for almost two decades, keeping its customers so satisfied they even come in for the in-house personal trainer. The shop was established in 1993 and has been featured in many area publications for its amazing art. Although Royal 1 has flash sheets – tattoo designs – its artists encourage customers to bring in their own design for ultimate uniqueness. Former customers of Epic Tattoos call it wonderful, its work amazing and its tattoos worthy of recommendation. If you are actually interested in getting a beautiful tattoo, then you need to research the ARTIST(s) and their work, not how nice the floors are at any given studio.

In addition, Psycho Clown Tattoo uses the latest tattoo equipment and its owner has been in the business for more than 20 years. Artists here prefer customized tattoos, tons of which are featured on the shop’s Facebook page in albums by each artist. She also attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, has been schooled in the art of makeup and is a shopping and style junkie. Tattoo artists in Texas are independent contractors and the quality of their work has little bearing on the studio in which they work. There are plenty of great tattoo artists in the DFW area and that should be your first priority. While the shop does take walk-ins, it’s recommended that those looking for large tattoos call in tos schedule a consultation.

Trevor and his apprentice Clint will also ensure you know how to care for your tattoo when you leave the shop. Don’t get me wrong, every professional studio should be clean and well lit with a friendly knowledgeable staff. Seek out a competent artist whose style fits what you are thinking of getting tattooed and you will have a better experience and end up with a better tattoo than you expected.

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