On a personal level, it is only recently that I began taking an interest in female artists in particular. If you know any other great artists not mentioned here, either male or female, feel free to post their names and share the information! And before you groan, like, “Oh geez… Not another feminist rant… boo!” Give this a chance because I think you might be at the very least slightly impressed or inspired by more than one of these women, I sure am! Please bare in mind the truth that there was a time when it was far more rare to see a woman tattoo artist who could lay down a solid tattoo.

I never cared either way before but I’m wiser now and I think it is true that the ladies often get over-looked by the greater tattoo community. Plus, there have always been terrible male artists also, but they never got that much attention anyway.
This list is comprised of ladies who have been tattooing for a long time and some only for a short time.

They were picked because they are under-represented and amazingly talented and I happen to know them or their work.

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