CHECK OUT THE PROMO VIDEO FOR THE HOMIE KG FROM 264 CUSTOMS , KG STIL REPPIN' THE LA TATTOO LIFE ! WORKING OUT OF PANORAMA CITY IN CALIFORNIA AND WITH STRONG SUPPORT AND BACKING FROM FAMILY AND FRIENDS HE IS FOCUSED ON BECOMING A MAJOR PLAYER IN THE TATTOO WORLD . There are few schools or formal training programs in which people can enroll to become a tattoo artist, and the most common way an interested person can begin learning about the craft is through an apprenticeship. An apprentice will probably not have to supply their own tattoo supplies, but many will not be paid or will receive much reduced pay during their training period.

Contacting local tattoo studios about possible apprenticeship openings is a good place to start for a person who is serious about dedicating themselves to learning professional techniques.
It's also important to realise that becoming a tattoo artist will take not only dedication and a willingness to start at the bottom, but it is also essential to have basic artistic skills, ability to sit or stand for prolonged periods, and have exceptionally steady hands.
All aspects of the profession are equally important; from proper cleaning of tattoo needles and keeping the parlour clean using infection control wipes to balancing out customer payments at the end of the day. After a few pulled up to the tattoo and piercing par-lor, George’s vision of scary people com-ing at her daughter with needles and ice picks melted away.

Attention to detail, a good work ethic, and developing a portfolio of tattoo designs to show prospective customers or other tattoo artists is also part of finding an apprenticeship.

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