The work of art is one of the oldest forms of traditional designs that represents the unique cultures of the indigenous people in Mexico. Although these ancient symbols were only worn by the Mexicans in the early days, the designs are now becoming very popular among people who want to have a large and colorful ancient work of art. Aztec tribal tattoos and meaning come from the Aztecs an ethnic group from central Mexico from 14th to the 16th century. The Aztec society was built on Religion, every god of the Aztecs had a specific sculpted Icon and Images for them to worship, Mythology, philosophy, calendars Human sacrifice and medicine.
Today Aztec tribal tattoos are by some chosen not only as a decoration but also of the mystery of the Aztecs religious practices.
There is a different tattoo for a specific type of social class.There were tattoos for warriors and tattoos for scholars and priests.
The most popular Aztec sign and which is used as a tattoo design is identified as The Aztec sun stone, also known as the Aztec calendar.
The Aztecs considered the sun as very important and as such they worship the sun god as an afterlife god. The Aztec warriors believe that the eagle symbol has the power to make them fight for a longer period in a war.

The Aztec civilization has been flourishing for nearly two centuries before the empire was conquered and destroyed by the Spanish during the colonial period. Because of the spirituality and mysticism associated with the tattoo, it will give you a completely different feeling and significance. A terrifying, monster like creature that features a crocodile is also a famous Aztec symbol. The Aztecs themselves used tattoos as a symbol of differentiating themselves from other clans and where used to identify the status of a person within the society. The Aztec tribal tattoos today are the ritual tattoos which were specifically meant for those people who relate with the Aztec etymology.
There is a great deal of mythology surrounding the civilization, which is where the meaning of Aztec tattoos was derived from. Some of the Aztec tattoos carry the attributes of the ancient tribes such as their belongingness to a particular clan, their achievements in the battlefield and their warrior ranking.  In the past, the inking was always performed in honor of the God during ceremonies.
These are the type of tattoo designs which had a deep meaning for the Aztecs since they were used for a number of rites and rituals of their lives.
Quetzalcoatl, is the feathered serpent god and one of several important Gods in the Aztec pantheon, he is a god for fertility, creativity and weather.

Despite the fact that the tattoos more primitive in comparison to the other types of tribal tattoos, which are spirally and curvier in nature. If you just want to pick a motif because of its aesthetic beauty, you may want to avoid choosing a design that has special connotations to the tribes. As the indigenous people revere the god of sun and honor their warriors as eagle and jaguar, the pictures of the god’s figures and animal images are often appear in the tattoo artworks. Apart from the gods, there are more symbols for the Aztec tribal tattoos which are still in existence to date. The eagle or the jaguar symbols are some of the most wanted designs by tattoo enthusiasts all over the world. Most of the people have an Aztec tribal tattoo have done that because they want to show their respect to a civilization which was great and mysterious or because of their roots to the Aztec civilization.

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