Military or army tattoos are usually sported by men who have been a part of the military themselves, or have an ancestor who was once a part of the armed forces and fought for their country.
The military tattoos presented here are poignant in their meaning and quite elaborate in their depiction of war sceneries. Tattoos are used by people from all walks of life, ranging from civilians, to celebrities to even people in the army. The history of the use of tattoos by today’s Military Soldiers dates back to the James Cook’s expedition. These tattoos can be very emotional and thought provoking to the individual who wears them, as it may speak of the days spent in the battlefield, or the memory of a lost friend or a loved one. When his crew came back from their Tahiti expedition, many of the officers as well as the seamen of his crew sported tattoos.
Choose one depending on the deeper meaning of the imagery, so that you have a bold and eye-catching military tattoo.

They mention that certain tribes wore tattoos to identify themselves as warrior and also as belonging to a certain rank. Today, most sailors have tattoos done for themselves and it is almost a tradition that everyone follows. Military tattoos quite often depict sceneries from the battlefield, wherein armed soldiers stand in line, with images of barbed wire or the national flag, and military helicopters flying by.
When these tattoos were done, the process of tattooing was accompanied with rituals and incantations that were thought to have special or magical properties.
Native Americans were heavily tattooed and this was an important aspect of preparation before doing battle with another tribe. Look into the kind of qualities you wish to show off, while selecting your tattoo, so that you get one that is unique and special. Sometimes a military tattoo may also depict contrasting images of violence along with angels who symbolize love and peace.

In many places around the world, till this day, special military tattoos are believed to protect a solider against enemies and are worn for such protection. Members of the U.S Army are often seen to sport the eagles tattoo, to indicate their love for freedom. Military tattoos are often very simple, although they evoke powerful emotions in the minds of the observers.

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