Armband tattoos for women are very popular, in the first place because they can be made into any design and style you want. From the seventeenth century, when the idea of the armband tattoos for women was for the first time brought to Europe from a faraway land of Polynesia, its prevalence is in constant growth.
An armband tattoos for women, similar to those for men, should be designed from smooth flowing lines, so that the tattoo maintains a natural look.

No two armbands in the world are the same, they are like mirrors – every one of them tends to bring out one and unique personality. Some tattooists believe that the armband design completely encircling the arm is a bad luck, so they leave a bit of skin uninked, while the others claim that it is not a bad luck that is the problem, but inability of certain inexperienced artists to make both ends of a tattoo meet perfectly.

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