Wood CameraJust like PicFX, Wood Camera let?s you control how much filter effect you want on your photo.
Snapseed stores your photos in the app itself so even if you delete your photo from the camera roll it will still be available in the app.5.
He is into videography and Kitcam is a super video app – even in low light situations.
What?s fantastic about this app is that you get to set your settings before you take the photo or record a video.What I love about kitcam is that I can easily set the white balance + it has exposure-control, so you can add more light to your photos in low light or lower it in bright sunlight.

VSCOcamVSCO is a wonderful editing app with a great camera. I love the VSCO app mainly for it?s filters. I’ve downloaded all the apps you are recommending but I still can’t figure that out! But since instagram has implemented its following and action per hour limitations, the need has risen significantly.
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