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Receive a FREE ebook with tips on how to get the best tattoo and more than 500 of the best Tattoo Designs by categories. Tattoo Models is a website dedicated solely to everything there is to know about tattoo models, designs, quotes and ideas. Angelina Jolie has a large tiger design on her lower back which she got on a trip to Thailand in 2004.
The tattoo on Angelina Jolie’ left shoulder blade honors her first son Maddox Chivan Jolie-Pitt who was born in 2001 and adopted by Angelina in 2002. On Anglelina Jolie’s left wrist is this little symbol of a letter H, which is believed to be for her brother James Haven. With the faded silhouette of her laser-removed dragon tattoo still visible, Angeline Jolie had a new tattoo done on top of it. One of Angelina Jolie’s earlier tattoos is the Chinese-style dragon on her upper left arm. Popular Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie is easily the poster girl for getting body tattoos.
Rumoured to have been inked at 12 different places on her body, her tattoos offer a deep insight into the person that she is. We discuss the tattoos that she displays on her arms and what do they stand for, their significance in her life.
On the left arm inside wrist, the tattoo of the letter H is visible and the figure is reminiscent of a Rune. The rows of numbers and alphabets on her left arm stand for the geographical coordinates of where her children were born.
She has also recently added a 7th coordinate, which stands for where her husband famed actor Brad Pitt was born.

The coordinate tattoo covers the area where previously there were the tattoos of her ex husband Billy Bob’s name and a dragon. Alexis Krauss’s Arm TattoosSinger Alexis Krauss’s penchant for tattoos has her wearing them like a sleeve.
In the hit film 'Wanted', Angelina Jolie added fake tattoos to her existing tattoos, instead of covering them up. When it comes to movies, Jolie often has to cover her tattoos up with layers of make-up during nude or love scenes.
In the movie, Jolie plays the 'foxy' assassin Fox, a member of The Fraternity, a super secret society. The tattoos she added for the movie include a 'toil' on the underside of one arm and 'tears' on the other one, among others.
Before Angelina Jolie went on a child-collecting spree and tied down Brad Pitt, she married Billy Bob Thornton and immortalized their love on her body. Surely the most popular tattooed female celebrity in the world today has to be Angelina Jolie. The story of the tattoos that are draped on the body of box office hitmaker and baby mama Angelina Jolie are a story in themselves, but this week one artist is spilling on a session with Jolie that was a bit girly. But the item notes when Angelina, 34, asked Friday to mark her with the name of then-lover Billy Bob Thornton, Friday did have some reservations, she admits. Posted in A, Actress Tattoos, Angelina Jolie Tagged Angelina Jolie, Angelina Jolie tattoo, Angelina Jolie tattoo designs, Angelina Jolie tattoo images, Angelina Jolie tattoo photos, Angelina Jolie tattoo pics, Angelina Jolie tattoo pictures, Angelina Jolie tattoos, tattoos of Angelina Jolie. Our Geological Coordinates Graphics Code works on all Social Networking Sites like MySpace, Friendster, Orkut & Hi5! We add NEW Geological Coordinates Pictures frequently to our Category, so make sure you Bookmark Us and visit us again for more Geological Coordinates Comments! Maddox was born in Cambodia and the tattoo is written in Khmer, Cambodia’s official language.

This tattoo pays homage to her children, listing the latitude and longitude coordinates of their birthplaces. Each tattoo that she displays has a lot of meaning and is a reminder of some event or person that has helped her to be the person she is today. The letter H stands for her brother’s name James Haven though speculation is rife that allegedly, Angelina got the tattoo for her then boyfriend Timothy Hutton. This gifted actress, who is blessed with stunning good looks, has at the very least, a dozen tattoos, and shows no signs of slowing down her collecting. After their divorce she had both pieces removed and she covered up the area with a new tattoo representing her children. 13 (XIII) tattooed to show that she does not believe in the superstition surrounding the no. Perhaps by the way of getting this tattoo inked, Angelina is echoing Winston Churchill’s sentiment. And with a habit of tattooing the geographical coordinates of the birthplaces of her children, she might soon be adding another tattoo or two.
Her tattoos are a reflection of her personality, exotic and with more than just a hint of dangerous sensuality. A woman who professes she likes to play with knives in bed and had the name of the man she loved tattooed on her.

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