Angel artworks are not only stunning, but they also carry a wide variety of important meanings. Although some people sport tattoos as a mark of beauty, others may pick a design that has significance to them. You can place the wing on your arm, back of neck, and ankle, but the most popular spot for a pair of wings is at your back stretching from both shoulder blades to your hips. Traditionally, angels are the assistants of God, and they execute God’s will with pure and unconditional love. To find an angel wings tattoo of your choice, you can look into Chopper Tattoo Gallery to find your perfect design before adjourning to your favorite studio.

Nevertheless, placing a wing symbol at the upper back, or lower back looks equally attractive. Angel is one of popular tattoo ideas for expressing love of God and belief of the religion. So the wings are the main attribute for angel tattoos, which are mostly inked on the back in dark color, or on the sleeve for some creative designs.
You can also intertwine the wings with other elements such as a heart, skull, and cross making the design truly unique and remarkable. Today I collected 60 holy angel tattoo designs, which you can enjoy their beauty, purity, or kindliness.

When the females are sporting angel tattoos, the designs symbolize protection, beauty, morality, and purity of the mind and heart.

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