Cross tattoo is often integrated with other additions such as rose, script, eagle, wings, to depict richer meanings – Hope, Life, Honor, Faith, etc.
In this post, you will enjoy pictures of 50 creative cross tattoo designs for your tattoo ideas. There are countless varieties of cross tattoos with the wooden cross being among the most popular ones.

One of the best-known cross forms is religious symbol of Christianity – crucifixion of Jesus Christ, which is a symbol of the sacrifice.
The wooden cross tattoos can be inked in any color with black and brown being the most popular since they give the tattoos a wood-like appearance. Numerous websites offer attractive designs for these tattoos, making it quite difficult for you to decide which one will best suit your style and personality.

Here is a collection of some unique and attractive wooden cross tattoo ideas that will help you to pick the right one for yourself.

Tattoo letters running together
Passion flower tattoo tumblr

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