Doves are also believed to be God’s messengers as seen in many Bible stories where they were used to send messages. During the baptism of Jesus, a dove was sent down from heaven signifying God’s love for His son. It is no secret that the significance of the dove in Noah’s story brought the belief that the bird also represented a new start. Some people who relate with Noah’s story get a dove tattoo together with an olive branch.
According to the New Testament in the Bible, the four Gospels reveal a white dove is a representation of the Holy Spirit. You don’t even necessarily have to be religious or spiritual by nature in order to fully appreciate the poetry behind a dove.
When you are getting a tattoo to symbolize the love in your life, the dove is the perfect pick.
The Aztec mythology, which originated from Central Mexico, reveals the dove signifies Xochiquetzal, the love goddess.This love goddess also symbolizes the mother of humanity.
Some Indians even carried dove feathers as good luck talismans to ward off danger, while others thought of them as hallmarks of the spirit world.
Other things a dove symbolizes are divinity or holiness, maternal love, purification, sacrifice, ascension and messenger. Their popularity is increased by the fact that it is unisex as both men and women can rock the tattoo.

Usually, there are two doves carrying an olive branch, which according to Noah’s story is the dove and raven he sent out to see if there was life on earth after the flood. So if you are a spiritual person, you may consider getting a tattoo of a white dove to signify the Holy Spirit guides you. You may get the tattoo to remind yourself how much you love your partner and family and remain devoted to them. When you get a dove tattoo to show a new beginning, it signifies the promise you have made to yourself to forget the past. It can take any size, whether it is a small dove or two huge ones on an olive branch or a complete flock. In some small way, the idea of just trying your best is wrapped up in many ideals about birds, particularly the inspirational doves body art tattoo. There have been times in history when man has attempted to create his own wing designs and fly to the heavens; needless to say, the outcome was never a good one.
Again, this is an inspiring quote that is designed to make people feel good when they see a dove tattoo design. Since most people get tattoos that remind or emphasize something or a part of their lives, dove tattoos are by far one of the best tattoos to get.
One of the major examples of the use of doves to signify peace is in the story of Noah’s Ark. In this kind of tattoo, the doves and olive branch signify successful relationships and lives.

Getting this tattoo with your partner shows your commitment to each other for the rest of your lives. It is believed she was born in a chariot drawn by doves and bore seven daughters who were known as the flock of doves in the mythology.
A flock of doves or two doves drawn together is another with the flock showing love for one’s family while the two show love between two partners. So partners can get this tattoo together to show their relationships is a success or you can get it alone to show anything you touch or do turns into success. Of course the two doves is love for your partner while the flock represents your whole family. So getting a dove tattoo with this Greek mythology in mind could mean you think of yourself as a loving person who loves having plenty of kids.
So if you are the kind of person that believes this myth, you should go ahead and get the dove tattoo. The tattoo comprising of the flock of doves shows a male and female dove taking care of their young ones. Whether it is to express love, peace, harmony, hope or holiness, this tattoo can be drawn in many shapes to perfectly suit you.

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