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Winning ticket: Magic of Rahat posted an emotional video of a 'prank' in which he gave a man in his neighborhood a lottery ticket.
Others thought the clip could be a fake, with another comment reading 'Come on, these are actors!
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A Prankster Gave A Homeless Man A Fake Winning Lottery Ticket — You Won’t Believe What Happened Next! Rahat knows a thing or two about both deception and jokes; he’s a magician who specializes in playing pranks on the public. The video begins with Rahat telling the homeless man that he didn’t have any cash to give him, but he did have a winning lottery ticket.
Not that facts have much to do with the Trump campaign, but we can always push the media to do their job. Maurer wants to replicate his quixotic effort in an unlikely battleground: Missouri, a deeply red state where many hold a dim view of “soft” drugs like marijuana.
Despite all the turmoil in the world and sometimes in our own lives, we all have oodles to be thankful for, as our grandson Toby puts it, again this year.
The defense claims that the extensive media coverage of the scandal would make it impossible to find an impartial jury. On October 19th, YTN reported the story of a lottery winner who was forced to pay two hundred million won, (USD $188,600) to his friend thanks to a promise made when they were out drinking. Netizens were merciless with Choi, criticizing him for trying to break his promise after he won the grand prize. Choi responded that there was never a written agreement and even if there was an expectation of payment, there was never any discussion of a deadline. In addition, Moon supported his case by saying he had contributed to the outcome by purchasing the lottery tickets. The court went on to say that while there was never any agreed deadline for Choi to make the payment, as per standard financial principles, when a creditor asks for payment, the debtor must immediately make payment. If I win the grand prize and Lee Myung Bak is sent to prison then I will have a giant free noodle party in front of Seoul City Hall!!! Help us maintain a vibrant and dynamic discussion section that is accessible and enjoyable to the majority of our readers.
According to the article I think the other guy actually bought 4 tickets and gave one to the winner guy.

This is true (the giving it away part) but in Korea people like to think of themselves as scrupulously honest. That’s why so many people say drinking alcohol is the problem after making serious mistakes or commiting acts pumishable by law.
Regardless, this guy is not a man, a true man keeps his promise and word, because without it, a man has no virtue. Well since the other guy actually purchased the ticket then he could have probably taken him to court for all of it.
I have only lend money to 2 of my friends, because I knew that they were the same like myself towards borrowing money from friends. If the friend request the borrowing ofoney for you, you’d better make a polite refusal as the chances of his paying back are slim. Second, there is a time when a friend whose business prospect is promising but get no money from investors inclysibg a bank, want to ask you of some money. In which case, you’s better mull over whether to lend money to him nor as a friend but as an investor. Lending money as an investor means you have to make a thoroughexamination of his business plan.
If you think that is lucrative one enough for him to repay the borrowedmoney, you can take the plunge.
If the requested money is small, you can willingly lend your friend some money to figre out what your friend is like in personality. If the winner was not drunken enough to not make reasonable judgement, his promise created legitimate expectations for the buyer and the winner should act in accordance with his promise in a bona fide way.
As far as I understand he admitted to promising him 200k or there was evidence that he said that.
If Choi had paid the promised amount of money to his friend who bought hime a lottery ticket, he would have kept his honor among his friends as well as savored the joy of the windfall. By breaching his vow, he is reduced to an untrustworthy person, losing all other friends he drunk with on the day he got the ticket. Even if he doesnt proclaim to give some of the winning prize to his friend, he should hand over some money to his friend who brings luck into Choi’s hands. The article states that the buyer gave away tickets to three friends, including the future prize winner. That means the other two can testify the declared promise by the winner on the drunken night.

Otherwise, in a court hearing the winner may admit to having made the promise in the belief that oral promise does not consitute legally binding obligation so that he can take all the money. I’m stunned by all these commentators writing about the binding legality of oral promises in Korea.
My best guess is that the judge (likely surnamed Mun) ruled for petitioner Mun against defendant Choi for some other inscrutable reason. Moon was out drinking with his friends when he suddenly decided to buy four lottery tickets.
It would have been better if he paid two hundred million to each of the three friends and then enjoyed their friendship for the rest of his life. I hate the awkwardness when they don’t pay up and you have to chase them, giving both the lender and borrower a sour taste in the friendship. Moon has no eyewitness for Choi’s promise saying that some of the winning prize will go to Moon, Choi would defintinely swallow all the prize money. I can take you to the store and we can get this cashed.'The two walked into a local store to check the ticket. That evidently include one unnamed homeless man, who Rahat noticed hanging out at a local shopping center. He probably would have shared the money in one way or another but now that he has been taken to court over it i imagine that they are no longer friends.
But there’s very little follow-through, nor public concern for what comes next,' the website commented. Choi promised his generous friend that he would pay him back with two hundred million won if he won. The unlikely happened and Choi faced the question of whether he would actually pay his friend, Mr. I would like to share it with you, big guy.'When Rahat told him to keep it all, the man broke down in tears and hugged his new friend. When Choi refused to pay the full amount, Moon took him to court, where a judge agreed with the plaintiff and compelled Choi to pay the money he promised, whether or not there was a written contract.

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