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Carolina Pick 4 is a daily game where players pick 4 numbers from 0 to 9 for the chance to win up to $5000. ANY ORDER - Selected numbers must match the four winning numbers drawn, but can be in any order. COMBO - Provides an Exact Order play for all possible combinations of the numbers you selected on a single ticket.
PAIRS - Front Pair or Back Pair - Selected pair of numbers must match the two winning numbers (Front Pair or Back Pair) in the exact order drawn. 1-OFF - You win a prize if one or more of the numbers you selected are 1-OFF the numbers drawn.
Front Pair - Selected pair of numbers (first two numbers) must match the first two numbers drawn in the exact order.

Back Pair - Selected pair of numbers (last two numbers) must match the last two numbers drawn in the exact order. Add SUM IT UP to your Carolina Pick 4 ticket and if the sum of the numbers you select matches the sum of the numbers drawn, you win.
NOTE: 4-Way, 6-Way, 12-Way, and 24-Way are not options for playing - they are the result of the numbers selected on your ticket. Repeat Play is a feature available for all draw games that allows a retailer to simply scan the bar code on your existing ticket so you can replay your favorite numbers fast and easy! Repeat Play reprints all the selections from the original ticket including: your numbers, the number of draws, boards, play type, play amount, Megaplier and Power Play Option. Prize winnings are subject to State and Federal taxes and any other mandatory State withholdings.

To win with 1-Off your numbers must be one off; that's one up or one down from the numbers drawn. It is your responsibility to make sure the ticket represents the numbers and play options you selected. If a mistake has been made, your Carolina Pick 4 ticket can be cancelled by the retailer on the terminal where it was produced within 15 minutes of the purchase time or within the remaining time before the draw break, whichever occurs first.

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